NATA Skylines, January 2014

TEXAN TIME @ RENO'S 50th Anniversary

by Dennis Buehn

Racing the T-6 in Reno's gold race takes a dedicated team, lots of work, great sponsors and cubic dollars. This has netted the Midnight Miss IIIs team four gold wins. Nick Macy in #6 Six-Cat has six wins, and a record setting race speed of 247mph! Nick is the reason I race; it's my brother racer's fault, he gives me my competitive spirit.

At Reno you'll be pushing your plane to the limits of performance. be ready for lots of activities in the T-6 class, media exposure, and your pit with lots of action. My sweet wife, Tami, C.E.O (Chief Entertainment Officer) makes it all happen; I'm just the pilot. We're both motorheads and we both race stock cars all summer long.

Race #43's goal for 2013 was to qualify at 250 mph for Reno's 50th (maybe next year?) When you qualify and complete all your races you'll have flown at full throttle on the deck for over 100 miles.

During the first heat race, Nick the Six-Cat led me low and tight around the pylons. I was able to stay with him, and he knew we would be battling in out for two more races. Hopefully we'd have a chance with our new race prop. Suddenly at Pylon #1, I saw a burst of white smoke out of his exhaust and he made a quick radio transmission to race control "Race 6 mayday". Nick did an outstanding job of getting Six-Cat on the runway with little altitude and a downwind landing to boot. On my next lap around I see a pool of oil under Six-Cat and I hope it's just a blown lower cylinder which can be easily changed. Afterwards we find out it's a broken master rod with major internal damage.

For Sunday's Gold I stay ahead for the final laps of Reno's 50th Anniversary Race and post #43's fastest race speed ever at 245.5 mph.

For 2014 Nick and I are already working on our planes. Team pilot Tom Baber will be racing our #2 Bare Essentials. Race #94 Midnight Express will  be flown by rookie Chris LeFave seen above.

Fly fast, fly low, turn left, and see you at Reno 2014.

Dates are September 10-14 2014


Photos courtesy of Dennis Buehn